Site created!

Hello all, my blog has been moved to! I am still working out the kinks….for instance 1.Issue with domain (Bluehost fixed it quickly and very politely for me, I highly enjoy them!).… Continue reading

Matters of the Heart

Now that my part in everything has been completed, I wonder, what next? What next to prepare for, to apply for? Will there be a plane ticket involved in any of this? I… Continue reading

Food Wk6+7

The past 2 weeks I’ve been eating a lot of the same things. For instance, breakfast might include 2 boiled eggs, a small cucumber and radish salad, or rice noodles with veggies, etc.… Continue reading


Whenever I am extra tired and multitasking, I should really never delete a single thing. Why? Chances are much higher that I might accidently delete something I did not in fact want to… Continue reading

Tiny purple flower

    3 summers ago, if I include the one this year, I was in Romania. It was my last day there, and while I was excited to see my family again, I… Continue reading

Food Week 5

Toasted gluten free waffles with homemade pineapple guacamole. Gluten free pasta with spinach, hers and spices, and a box of frozen spinach.  I drink coffee sometimes. However, it’s 1/4 to 1/2 measured cup… Continue reading


  I think that in this day and age, it seems at times as though there are too few options, and yet other times it can seem as though there are too many… Continue reading

“Just try.”

  This is what my computer desk looks like. On a day or days or weeks or months, when one has a view of multiple papers –all useful in their own way-, pens,… Continue reading

Stand Tall

A lyric of mine keeps playing in my mind. “I’d rather stand tall, than face away in fear.” It seems too often as though it is easier to go around an issue rather… Continue reading

Sunny day lesson

  I had an errand I needed to run, and on my way back to my car I took this. It was really nice outside. Probably in the 70’s. Really, I prefer say… Continue reading

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