Arriving in Greece

I looked out the window and it was filled with darkness….

but there bright lights in clusters, forming an interact maze of light…

and while I’ve flown before, this was one of the most beautiful sceneries I’d ever seen.

And the extreme exhaustion turned into curiosity and joy…and excitement!

Pure appreciation for the adventures to be had. And I also thought, darn it, I wish my camera hadn’t accidentally turned on again while in my bag, so that I could take a photo.

What struck me as we were getting into our family members car, was just how many luxury taxis were around us outside the airport.

In the U.S. sure there’s plenty of taxis. But here I saw a Mercedes, a BMW, then another and another. It was interesting.

I met my cousin, was introduced to her family, and got into their car.

There weren’t many cars on the road it was nearing almost midnight.

But it was quiet and peaceful, a light breeze. It reminded me of driving in Florida.

I felt, at home.

The first days were, a blur.

I had slept just a few hours during the journey, and I was exhausted.

We must have slept till noon. Granted, there is also a time zone change.

My first day I heard three tiny little voices whispering, the oldest of the four kids.

I got up and  though I was almost blind since I didn’t have my glasses on, I felt them all turn and stare at me. I put on my glasses and smiled.

They looked so excited. We were their new playmates.