Rough start…

Excerpt from an email I sent a good friend: “A funny moment I wanted to share with you, while on the plane (the 8 hr one), my back was killing me…and I was very nauseated. So from 1:20 to 2:30 a.m. I walked back and forth on the plane, or stood up against the wall. But the standing made me leg and ankle hurt worse…so it was like picking between one of the pains.” I was getting frustrated, “but the pain is something I’m used to, so I thought, why are you getting so upset? This is normal…. and I realized, I’m just concerned about other things and worked through those things in my mind while I stood or walked, and listened to music to sort of help me deal with the pain.”

A more in detail explanation below:

I think traveling can really bring out some aspects of yourself you may have not been aware of. A stressful moment coupled with being in a place you don’t know alone, can teach you a lot about your strengths and weaknesses.While on the 8hr flight from Chicago to Copenhagen, I kept walking back and forth on the plane. I have multiple injuries, each with their own stories. One from working out, and the rest from car accidents which still affect me on a daily basis.

While I sat in my seat I couldn’t sleep because my back was hurting. However, the tendonitis in my Achilles didn’t allow me to stand comfortably either. 

I decided to walk back and forth between the aisles of the plane. When my Achilles or past injuries began to bother me too much, I leaned my forearm on a wall near the restroom, and listened to music. This allowed me to put my weight against the wall, thereby taking it off my injuries.

It was mostly dark, with flickers of light from movie screens on the back of seats. The majority of the passengers were asleep. Some with their head to one side, others snuggling their loved ones, and so on. As I walked back and forth, I massaged my lower back with my hand. People stared at times with odd looks. They were most likely wondering what was I doing.The flight attendants treated me warmly and allowed me to be near them when I need to be near a wall. I think this might have been the best flight I’ve ever been on, because the employees were so accommodating and understanding. I noticed that Av’s -my nickname for Avery- and the girls were fast asleep and I envied them and the others that could rest. But more so, it felt a bit lonely to be in pain with no one or nothing to do, while everyone seemed fine around me.

Dimmed lights and silence, but my headsets kept me company. I became frustrated and thought, wait now, pain is something you deal with daily, some days are worse than others, but overall, you cope best as you can. It’s life. So, what’s the issue?

I realized that I was exhausted as it was 2:10 a.m. and I had been walking for a while. I was also about to begin another part of my journey, but was already feeling somewhat behind. I didn’t want such things to affect the manner in which I experienced things.

And yet still I realized, I would be just fine. We all have things we deal with. Good or bad. A simple solution is to alter situations in order to accommodate ones needs. Some days may not work out as expected, or at all even. I might get lost and it’s sadly there is no clever and exciting tale to tell about it. It might be that I get lost, and someone steals my money, and I’ve twisted my ankle. All in one day.

Now, that’d be a crappy day no doubt, but you can work through it.Expect for extreme for situations, it’ll be okay.

And this little self talk, helped me get out of that momentary funk. Focused on the voice of the singer from Twenty One Pilots, over and over again, try to relax and cope. Their song “Car Radio” is playing now as the singer says “I ponder of something great, my lungs will fill and then deflate, they fill with fire, exhale desire”.

Thank goodness for music. Thank goodness for the amazing Twenty One Pilots.Makes everything better. Be in the moment I think.

Later on I was able to sit again, and realized if I slept on the fold out table, it helped decrease the pressure on my lower back. Bam, not a perfect solution, but it did me well.

It’s your journey, it doesn’t have to be this or that. It can just be what it is. You guide it.

Also I wish to add, I in no way am attempting to obtain some type of sympathy.This is my travel blog. These are my experiences. I write them as they appeared and felt to me.With the obvious conviction that this is an expression of all that, not at all in a poor me way.Some confuse this honest form of communication as complaining. I usually don’t mention such incidences, let alone online, unless it is pertinent to what I am trying to convey.I am more than lucky and thankful to have what I have.