Where’s my terminal?

We were driving to the airport. I was in the backseat. The sun hadn’t quite set, but the sky was a medium to dark blue shade….and I kept anxiously looking at the Airport signs, hoping to see my airline. But…I didn’t. We did see my cousin’s airline, so we got said our quick goodbyes and headed inside. I’m one of those… I like to be very early when it comes to flights and airports. And though there was time -we had say about 3 hrs- I had no clue where my airline was…which made me uneasy. My cousin and I found her airline check-in, I told her to wait in line, they’ll take your baggage and give you your ticket. It’ll be alright. When you get to Athens, wait in the baggage pickup area. I’ll be wearing the same jacket. I said goodbye and set off to find own line to wait in.

I asked an employee and he nicely told me in broken English where to go, but he also advised I double check with another employee. So I asked another man, and was told the same information. The first man, he saw me, and asked if I knew where to go now. I realized he had a Spanish accent, and I began to speak in Spanish to him. I thanked him for his help and let him know he was right. He smiled and seemed surprised by my sudden change in language….I do whatever seems easier for a given situation without realizing it sometimes. Though in hindsight, this made sense.

I cursed myself for deciding to bring a duffel bag as my carry on….as I had to walk to a terminal 3 terminals away. And I held my bag over my shoulder, and rolled my to be checked in baggage with the other hand. I think this is called a lesson learned? When the check point came, I walked through. Then realized I had left my ankle support on. I had seen a doctor and found out I had Achilles Tendinitis a few weeks prior. Well…here comes another lesson. The TSA personnel was a man, who was very polite, and asked that I stay to the side and wait for a female personnel to check my ankle sleeve. I did as was told. Others who passed by me on their way through the metal detector kept staring at me….and I thought, hey there mister, keep on going. Nothing to see here. Just have tendinitis. All while the TSA personnel was trying to get a female attendant to come. After a few minutes a manager came, and had a female personnel check me and my sleeve to make sure everything was alright, and was allowed to pass once I was allowed. I was embarrassed for not realizing to take it off before the check point, and for wasting their time. But, I never had never worn a sleeve on my ankle before.

My ankle is starting to hurt some, and my shoulder is telling me, I am going to kick you if I ever get the chance. I try to find my gate and realize I had gone the wrong way, at the same time that a group did the same. I enjoy seeing a look one someones face, then realizing they feel the same way as you. I heard them speaking and asked if they were on my flight, and we began to chat. I think moments like this is one of the most wonderful parts of traveling that I enjoy….meeting people suddenly, and finding a connection. They were college students, 3 of them, going to Poland for a trip as part of their ambassador program with their school. They walked around the airport, and I wanted to continue with them…but my ankle wasn’t happy, and I let the boy, Avery, know. I said I wouldn’t be able to walk around too much. He offered to carry my carry on for me, even though he already had a backpack on his shoulders. I tried to decline but finally gave in. (Though I don’t recommend anyone do this. I just decided to make a personal choice this one time.) Before doing so I said, I have never let anyone else handle my luggage, and my parents would be very upset with me, but we are in an airport, and while I do have a problematic ankle, if you try to run off, I will run after you. So I’m trusting you here. Or something of the sort. I think he laughed, and he promised not to. Plus, it’s to heavy to run with it and a back pack, and was filled with clothes. We walked around, and one of the stores was full of candy. I became excited for some reason -perhaps due to the candy surrounding me- and began to jump up and down while having a conversation with Avery. I think I was just so happy to meet some nice people to speak with before the very long flight to Copenhagen. After a short while I took back my bag from Avery, I felt bad that he was walking around with extra baggage that wasn’t even his. And later left the group and sat and waited at the gate for our flight. Later they came as well and we sat and chatted some more, each calling their significant others before they began calling for us to board. I thought it was very sweet.