Areopagus Hill

My cousin’s Aunt introduced us to some young people a few days prior. And today one of the girls was nice enough to come over after work and take us out.

We took the train, though I can’t remember where exactly. Not far though. And we got off and walked around. Just discussing differences in culture, even between each of us. For instance, although we were all Romanian, we each grew up in different ways and therefore had certain differences.

It was a nice evening, the sun was still out. We went to a park, it was filled with many olive trees. And I must admit, I was told I could eat one of the olives now. I was doubtful since they didn’t seem ripe at all, but that, why not try it, I was curious. So I picked an olive off a tree. Well, I ended up spitting it out. And the girls laughed at me. They’d played a joke on me. I was thankful I still had chocolate orange milk left in my bottle, and drank the rest. Haha.

We reached a very large rock. Specifically, it is named Areopagus Hill. We took the stone stairs and I thought to myself, this is high…crud. I hadn’t been told what were going to do, and so I wore a casual but somewhat fitted above the knee length skirt, with shorts underneath. I have a knack for tripping or falling. With running sneakers, t-shirt and long cardigan. Yes, now that I am explaining my outfit, some might be puzzled by my choices. I do that sometimes. Sadly enough, my shoes were the actual problem. They had no traction on the well polished rock and therefore it was quite easy for me to slip and fall. The top wasn’t flat, but rather, filled with smooth yet harsh rocks. And I found myself thinking, hmmm, this is very high up. I had some trouble following the others. There were many people up there as well, watching the sunset, taking photos, taking selfies, cuddling with their significant others while sitting on the edge comfortably.

I tried to follow my friends, but again, my skirt and shoes and fear made it difficult to take big steps. And I found myself stuck. They told me to come, but I couldn’t. A nice man with a foreign accent said to me, do you need help? I said yes, I can’t make it past here. (My shoes kept slipping, next time, I’ll bring tennis shoes, running shoes don’t seem to have much traction on such smooth surfaces….) He put his camera down and came towards me, held out his hand and I took it. He helped me cross over some of the larger rocks. I thanked him. The rest of the way I was fine, it was just dirt and small rocks. And if I tripped on air, the trees and rocks below will break my fall. Haha. It was scary, yet really beautiful. Worth the trip, worth the fear and possible slip. You could see the entire city, even the Acropolis far away. People were talking, but not loudly. Everyone seemed to agree that the scenery was meant to be enjoyed in silence. It was peaceful and beautiful. Here is some of what I saw.

Acroplois HillAcropolis Hill EntranceAcropolis Hill StairsAcropolis Hill View 2Acropolis Hill View 3Acropolis Hill View 4Acropolis Hill View 5Acropolis Hill View 6Acropolis Hill View 7Acropolis Hill View 8Acropolis Hill View 9  View from Acropolis Hill