The Beach

I loved the beach. I loved the palm trees.

Honestly, and perhaps this will become rather annoying because I will repeat it. It reminded me of a European version of Florida. Minus the humidity, and the heat wasn’t unbearable. It was as though home was with me, so to speak. And I welcomed the heat, I don’t do well in the cold.

It was just a nice day at the beach. The whole family came along. We played in the water with the girls. Then some boys who were throwing mud at one another got us by mistake, including the girls. I yelled in Romanian (it was the language we were speaking with the girls) then switched to English telling them to stop. They stopped, but because her aunt told them in Greek.

Haha. 🙂 Mom to the rescue.

We decided to walk around some, and came across a fancy hotel, with this small area to site.

Then we found a large area filled with hay that had been cut. The beauty is that it allowed for us to see far away buildings that would have otherwise been hidden.

Then we walked back to the others on the beach. I took the baby for a bit while her mom went to play with the older kids in the water. The baby started to cry…so I rocked her while walking and sang a song to her in Spanish, that I sing to my niece many times.

There were young people nearby, they starred some. Probably due to hearing Greek from the family, Romanian, English from my cousin and I, and then Spanish with me and the baby. I always find it interesting, that no matter where one is, people are curious. When its not about gossip, I think it’s a good thing normally.

It’s funny, you don’t realize how much you miss something or someone until you are in a similar situation, and you react the way you would if it was the original situation. Meaning, the baby doesn’t know Spanish, but its a child’s lullaby and that’s what matters.

It can be very difficult to be away from our family at times…I think what helps is not focusing on that, but rather, on the good times had, and the fact that there’ll be more once you are back. Even if things will be different.

But back to the baby, poor thing didn’t like the idea of being away from her mom, and shortly after I had to give her back. It’s very sweet to see how she went from crying to stopping instantly once she was in her mom’s arms again. She was still getting used to us.