Metro Rides

Today we used the train. My cousin’s Aunt showed us where the station was and how to get tickets. We got off at Monastiraki and she went to take care of some errands, while we went off to explore. The streets were crowded, some more than others. Some streets/alleyways were filled with small shops on either side, filled with a multitude of souvenirs, from clothes to soap to expensive jewelry. Others were just normal sized shops, from a two story Starbucks to H&M. We found a restaurant with both inside and outside seating, away from the crowds. It also had free wifi, which my cousin wanted to take advantage of. I liked the fact that it was more private. My cousin was wearing shorts and the chair was making odd markings on her legs. So I gave her my shirt to sit on, I had another underneath. It was nice and shady, and many people were there.

I got some fried cheese.

It was a bit too salty for me, but my cousin gave me some of her salad, which balanced it out. And we were given free Greek yogurt with a blueberry type jam. It was amazing! Worth every penny of the meal. We paid and left. Walked around some more, then took the train back home. The tickets are valid for an hour and a half, but it’d been a few hours, so we needed to get another ticket. We actually had bought the tickets from a teller before, and this stop only had machines available. So we tried to figure it out. A man in broken English was asking if people could spare some money. My cousin and I kept speaking Romanian so as not to attract attention. A young girl, probably late teens, asked if we needed help. We sort of weren’t sure if we should respond. She said again in English, you look confused, want me to help? So we smiled and said okay. She showed us how and we thanked her. She had dyed deep red hair, it was a pretty shade. 

We took the stairs down and waited for the train. On the opposite side of the tracks we saw the girl waiting for her own train. And nearby was a group of young American looking boys. I say American looking from the English they spoke and their style of dress. I wondered whether we stood out as they did. They seemed very excited for their day.

We hooped on when our train arrived. I enjoy the view you get. There are certain times where you can see that your in the air, and can see tall apartment buildings below, sun setting, etc. Got off at our stop. And we noticed there are quite a few nice places to eat on our way home. Later we stopped at a place that sells Bubble Tea. Haha. I’ve had Boba Tea before, but never Bubble Tea. Here’s their facebook site.

The pearls I got with my tea weren’t tapioca, but instead fruit ones. They burst open in my mouth, and a sweet mango flavor filled my mouth. It was yummy! I highly recommend them, We wanted to stop at the store, but I couldn’t remember where it was. I knew it was on the other side of the train station, but I couldn’t remember where exactly I’d seen it once before. So I went back in and asked for directions. The guy at the register didn’t know what I was saying. So he called another guy to come help us. I kept pronouncing Lidel with different pronunciations, saying its a store. Thing is, I said it with an American accent, than a Romanian one. Neither really helped. But he finally got what I meant after my trying to explain. He took us in front of the storefront and in broken English and hand gestures, explained how to get there. I enjoyed the fact that he used two of his fingers to pretend it was walking up the stairs, then forward, then back down the other stairs. I have to say, he was super nice for helping us out and being patient. It was literally on the other side of the station, haha. Lesson learned.

At the store I stared and read a lot of labels. I wanted to make sure whatever I got was gluten free. I was speaking to my cousin in Romanian while looking at some chips, and an older woman heard us and asked if we were from Italy, I said no. And in all honesty, we had a short conversation, yet I can’t remember in what language it was in… like a mix of Italian, Romanian, English Greek? I can’t remember, but mixed with some hand signals, and it worked out just fine. But we said we were Romanian, and the language can sound similar at times, etc. She was very nice. And I got a bag of Oregano flavored chips. They were fantastic, and my cousin agreed! Really yummy! I don’t know why, but I decided to have them with Greek yogurt. So I put some on a plate, and was dipping it into the yogurt as we sat outside on the balcony of the apartment, just chatting some and eating. It was warm out, but not humid. Perfect dinner and chip eating weather.

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