Walking Around Kallithea

I turned my music player on, and went for a walk today. We had mostly hung out with the kids at home, and I wanted to get out some. It was a very nice day, not too hot. I like that accessibility of this region. In general, it’s easier to get to things in Europe, such as stores, etc. So I just walked around apartment buildings and various stores and streets. I went into a general park type area, and when I was about to enter a fenced (the gate was open though) into an area I could see was filled with trees, the first thing I saw were 2 large dogs sleeping so seemed equally as surprised and taken aback as I was. Haha. And while I hadn’t had any trouble with any of the dogs in Greece, I thought it might be best to not go to see the trees after all. I felt uncomfortable being around multiple large dogs, even if they are friendly, alone in a small park area. So I walked back slowly and let them go back to sleep.

Here is some of what I saw:

KallitheaKallithea2Kallithea3Kallithea4Kallithea5Kallithea6Kallithea7Kallithea8Kallithea9  Kallithea10Kallithea12