Church on a Rock

Today my cousin’s Aunt day off. And she surprised us by deciding to take us to a church on a rock. I apologize, but I can’t remember what the name of the church is….therefore for the purpose of this post it will simply be called the Church on a rock. Yes, I’m very imaginative, aren’t I?

Let me say that her Aunt is my hero of the day. She wasn’t quite sure as to how to get there as she hadn’t been in a while. But we all packed into the car and she figured it out along the way. She’s awesome and one of the calmest people I have ever met. Especially when one considers there were 4 children as well as us for the ride. It was a work out to walk up and around on the walk up then the rock carved stairs. But, soooo worth it. I just had to walk on the inside of walkway, and take my time. My cousin and the two oldest kids went ahead. I kept looking up, not down. I’m not kidding when I say I have a big fear of heights, but I didn’t want it to in any way keep me from doing anything I wanted to do on this trip, or in general. This just means I gotta extra take my time. But that’s just fine by me.

Once we reached the top, there were small tables to sit and eat from a small food spot. They seemed to have some good things to eat actually. Then up a few more stairs, we were at the very top, where the church is.  And this gorgeous wide open view. See photos below. We didn’t actually go into the church, as there was a crying woman who was speaking to the priest inside. She was quite upset and both I and my cousin felt rude coming into the small church to view it while she was having a private emotional moment. So we walk back down to and I enjoyed the view as they ate some fried donuts. Then walked back down, slowly. The steep ankle makes one suddenly spring into a sprint without meaning too. Haha.

The kids played and ran around, ate some ice cream their mom had bought for them. And the adults sat and chatted, enjoyed the lovely weather and the view. I’m sure that it must be amazing to see this view at night. But I feel as though walking up the pathway wouldn’t be a good idea during the night…..but a gorgeous lit up view I’m sure!


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