We decided to go to the Acropolis.

Put sunscreen on, packed a large bottle of water.

Funnily enough, we weren’t sure how to get to it…we knew we could get off the train at Monastiraki,

then go up….

So we went, alright. Let’s do this.

We went up…and then we went around….around tiny walkways and homes.

Then we realized, we’d gone the wrong way somewhere…

On our way back we saw two young people, one was drinking some type of frothy iced coffee drink,

the fancy kind that’s been drizzled with chocolate or caramel.

I admit, I was jealous…we asked where’s the Parthenon is, they told us.

We had to walk back up the large side of the hill, and unlike the people we just spoke with,

we were huffing and puffing. Laughing at how they had seemed to be taking a relaxing stroll,

while we were sweating up a storm.

Although…in our defense we’d walked up the hill, then down, and now were walking back up….

so considering say over an hour had passed. Our exhaustion may have been somewhat warranted. Haha

We finally entered the Parthenon. And realized just how many people were there….it reminded me of photos of Disneyland.

It was really beautiful though.

Walking down some marble stairs, I fell.

I fell with a leg underneath me, my hand twisted oddly, and my pinkly turned in an odd unnatural direction.

I laughed. I looked as though I was sitting enjoying a break.

I examined my finger and camera. A family nearby saw me fall and asked if I was alright, I laughed and said yes. They laughed as well.

Careful with these slick shiny steps. I was lucky I fell on the short steps, not the high ones in the center…that would have been very very bad…..haha.

We walked around and enjoyed the scene.

I remembered being in my Greek Mythology course in high school…I never thought I’d get to see

it in person. I felt very lucky.

The crowds became larger and larger at certain points. And more languages than I’d ever

hear spoken i one location were being spoken.

It’s like we were all apart of one another’s vacation, we were all photo bombing one another’s vacation photos.

I enjoyed that unique idea.

Large families, small families, couples, teenagers on a group trip, etc.

French, Spanish, Romanian, Japanese, English, etc. etc. etc.

We went around… I hadn’t realized the Parthenon was, like a compound. I knew it was large, but I didn’t realize it was to this extent.

It was really hot and we were both very tired, we’d been out there for a while. And once we finished seeing the entire area, we headed back down towards the exit. We checked out the free museum they had, which was filled with some very interesting artifacts, from ancient coins to painted vases. Then went down to the center of Monastiraki. We needed to get some grub and sit. So we did. We went to the same restaurant we’d been before. We shared a grilled squid that was drizzled with an interesting lemon olive oil sauce. It was delicious. I noticed the tiny birds flying around looking for food. Some even got on the table where people were eating, as though they were asking for a freebie. There were some pigeons nearby as well. I noticed on had a hurt wing, and I felt bad for him. I can’t remember whether it was us or someone else who threw some bread near him. I just remember watching him hoping he’d eat, and one of the waiters was watching us watch the pigeon. He smiled at us and I smiled back. I think he was bored. My cousin and I were tired and enjoying our break. We were in a very good mood after getting to eat after all the walking we did. We had our free Greek yogurt and both had looks on your faces like, yum….this is so amazing.

In fact, once we got back home over 6 hours had passed since we’d left home. It was another nice day in Athens.

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