Cruise E-mail Recap

Cruise events:

1. The cruise was scheduled to leave at 11:00 a.m. and we meant to be there to pick up tickets and get on the cruise by 10. But my cousins aunt wasn’t ready to leave until 9:30. We took the metro, got to the port, then walked say 20 min. with our luggage to the very end of the port (ironically our ship was literally the last one). And it was 10:30 so I thought, yup, we’re screwed. Not going make it. Crap. But magically no, I was wrong! No tickets, no problem, passport please! Man, in Greece, they are much calmer than what I’m used to, and it was highly appreciated. We got to our room at 10:45. I was very happy we didn’t miss it.

2. I was tying my shoes, and I got up (forgetting that there was a bunk bed opposite of my bed which had been put up for the first day, I forgot it was down again) and whacked my head on solid steel. I sat down on my bed and thought to myself I’m ok. I then quickly fell sideways on my bed, cradling my head, knees to chest. I’ve fallen and whacked my limbs and head before hundreds of times in my life. However, I have never actually felt this much pain on the back part of my head (like the babies soft stop), nor lost all balance and fell sideways. At breakfast I was holding an ice pack to my head while eating. I got a little scab and blood, and when the wind moved my hair in that area, my head hurt…until 24 hrs later. Now I’m just scabby, not I don’t think I’ve got any brain damage. Haha. I was watching for symptoms, like migraine or nausea.

3. I was trying to get on the cruise ship, from a smaller boat (we weren’t able to dock on shore, the waters too deep by Santorini). We did this before, I was fine…well on my way back I’m about to step onto the cruise ship from the boat, and due to the bad wind and waves…I literally saw the 2 boats separate and I was holding on a man’s hand on the cruise ship, while 2 men on the small boat held my arms…poor guy on the cruise ship, he went, “My arm!”. So I let go, and stepped back, (I was on the small boats edge…without those other 2 men holding onto my arms very tightly, I would’ve fallen forward, into the space between the ship and the boat. (Yippee, swimming? No…not the time… Haha. I was thinking…hmm…really pretty water, wow, big gap…I could fall easily…gonna hold onto that guys arm like a crazy person, oh wait, the others are holding onto me, oops, my bad sir!). I was okay though, got on a few seconds after when the boat and the cruise ship distance was smaller, and not a few feet. 🙂

4. They made me gluten free food for lunch and dinner (I just avoided what had gluten on the morning buffet, and they told me what to avoid). I got gluten free bread at every meal, and my food was really yummy! So I got mostly what others got, just less choices, and altered so that I could eat it and not get sick. Like Greek style cheese cake without the crust, grilled fish instead of breaded and fried, and a floating island (so yummy), without the flour, etc..I felt so spoiled…and sometimes people stared…but, they got more options than I did and different types of bread, etc. so why a grown man, his kid, and his wife would literally stare at my face, then my food, and talk about me in French, almost the entire time they were eating lunch (while the man literally ate the entire bread bowl, and my poor cousin had to get a roll before he devoured the entire basket in just a few min.’s, is beyond me. But my cus and I started to speak in Romanian, which surprised them, and we talked about how rude they were being in return, haha. Irony!). I will miss the food!

5. I met a receptionist who asked me if I was Romanian upon looking at my name. Turns out, she’s from Romania, and I came by the reception area when I could to talk to her, and I have her e-mail. She was so nice, and really interesting too! She even got my passport and my cousin’s while I was waiting in line still, so I wouldn’t wait another 20 min. in a different line. Which was greatly appreciated it!

Add on-

           I went back a few times to chat with her when she wasn’t busy. I really enjoyed speaking with her. I used the formal tense when speaking to her, and she said not to do that, because we’re friends so there’s no need for formalities. I thought it was very sweet, and we got along well. As though we’d known each other for years and years. And I got her e-mail before I left.

6. Mykonos and Patmos were awesome! On Mykonos we walked around for 3 hrs, met a nice horse and donkey that we petted, just had a good time. On Patmos, we just stayed in the touristy area, put my feet in my water again… those 2 islands had such clear beautiful water! Adored it!

Add in by me-

                     Mykonos is small and we walked around the touristy type areas, but then veered off through small walkways and roads to the country part of the island so to speak, where we met these two friendly fellows. You just saw so much farmland in the distance past the homes. It was really beautiful and serene. Just a normal neighborhood, on a Greek island. Haha. On our way back to the ship I put my feet in the water.

I loved how clean the water was. There were many places to eat or shop at, but what I enjoyed most was that it was all right by the beach. While my cousin waited for the waiter, I went closer to the beach and dipped my feet in again. The fact that it wasn’t on a cliff with a beautiful view, but rather, right on the water where the view was actually accessible made it unique for me.

7. Kusadasi (think that’s how one spells it), was pretty, people were very nice. I got a box of Apple tea from there. First time in Turkey.

Add on-

            I had overdone it physically wise on the first islands, and my stomach wasn’t doing well. So today I let my cousin explore on her own as I wasn’t so sure how long I would be able to walk around/maybe need long breaks. And I didn’t want to slow her down. I walked around, people were just walking up. I saw a few people on benches waking up. I asked an officer a question, but he didn’t understand. So he called for another person, and a bit later another officer came from the building. He was nice and answered my question. I thought it was very nice that one would care enough answer a question to a person. I could have taken a bus trip to some places, but I didn’t want to be in a crowded area, etc. that day. So I decided, lets just walk around. I saw a light house, it was far away, but I decided, lets see how far I can make it. I soon realized, it seemed closer from far away….haha. I walked over to a harbor area finally and followed it till the end. It was a nice sunny day, not too hot though. It was still was still morning. I came to the end of the boat harbor (it was filled with small boats to larger ones, I read their names and examined them as I passed them by, imagining what stories they could tell if they could speak). I passed by a man –probably in his 30’s- who came off a boat and in an Australian accent spoke with a driver in a car. They were discussing when he will be leaving. As I walked back I asked him,

“Excuse me, but is there any other way to get to the light house besides that way?” –pointing to a walk way and a wall and messages saying don’t go past (I assume, since there were locked chains-

“I walked on the sea wall and then over the rocks to see the light house.”

“Did people chase you when you did that?”

“No….no one saw me. You should be fine.”

“Hmm…I’m too worried I’d slip and fall –it’s a high sea wall- or get caught and get intro trouble…. Thank you for your help!”

“Your welcome.”

And off I went, as he walked back onto his boat. In hindsight, he may have thought me to be a seriously odd person, but…I don’t mind. And I appreciated his honest advice. So I headed back to the ship, and stopped to dip my feet in the water. It was cold but enjoyable. Stopped by the markets, walked down some streets, and thought….long overdue for a sit. I went back to the ship, drank some water, etc. Then headed back out after a bit. I saw there was a type of castle type ruin nearby, so I walked to there. Many of my fellow crew members were in that area. I could tell from their conversations.

I walked around the castle, and a young couple was in front of me. I was careful not to fall, to the right of me was the water and rocks. There were a few fisherman sitting trying to catch some fish. And we all sat down and enjoyed the view. I could see small fishes in the water. The couple sitting together on a rock cuddling, carrying on a conversation. The fisherman chit chatting among one another as well. Just sat and chilled. 🙂 Then headed off back to the ship when I got too hot, and drank some orange juice while overlooking the view.

And sadly…. Crete was super empty, we got there on Sunday morning, which is when people are asleep, or at church and all stores are closed until later. So… we took a tour bus, and kind of didn’t have much time to actually do anything. But, the water was so pretty, sat on a bench in front of the ocean and chilled out some. Awesome way to start the day!

Add on-

             We actually took a bus tour….but due to it being Sunday, it wasn’t as much of a tour. For instance, we got off to see a museum, but then realized it was closed. So we had to wait 20some minutes for it to come back around. At first we were bummed, but then we decided to walk around while we waited. The streets were completely empty and silent. Then a scene straight out of the “Under the Tuscan Sun” film occurred. An old man in his Sunday clothes was slowly walking as he used his wooden cane. Then we walked back to the beach. It was so beautiful that I thought, no matter what, this right here makes up for everything and anything for the day! We got back on the bus, saw Crete some more, ran from a market just in time to make it to our bus and get on the ship.

And Santorini was… beautiful but the type of place where you need time to rent and atv or scooter, and go to the beach etc., fun way to get from one destination to another. Or drink a coffee on a cliff and watch the ocean…or the sunset, or go see the volcano. But it was very windy, and sand was everywhere and my eyes were really red. Kind of my least favorite out of all the places. But people are great, lots of Australian tourists that are friendly, nice shops. Just not what I expected. We had no atv etc. so we just walked then went, lets go back, sit and enjoy the view, then leave. Haha. Other’s on the cruise seemed to agree with this experience.


Add on-

             We did in fact sit at a restaurant on a cliff, well, not on a cliff, just high up. So it felt cliff like so to speak. I’m terrible at describing things, but back to the main topic. It was the type of view I’ve never had before. And it truly was gorgeous without a doubt. It was just very windy that day.


8. I have lost my voice. From the cold water on the ship, my throat has swollen up and I can’t actually speak much at all…So that’s partly why this e-mail is so long. I’m enjoying communicating for the day while I can, instead of just hand gesturing to the kids. I’m drinking a lot of tea with honey, and I’ll see about some meds maybe. Been like this on and off the days before too, just not this bad. Also, there was other fun stuff, like meeting people on the cruise, the entertainment, etc.