Happy Cruise Food Rambling

I have to say, I really enjoyed being on this cruise. Including the food….I don’t have any photos of the food. I think I just got so excited about things, that I forgot to take photos since I was so fully in the moment.

It was fantastic!

Here are some examples-

-Mornings all sections where one could eat were served buffet style. We ate at the more restaurant type eating area. There for 2 main managers and depending on whose shift it was, they would make sure I got the food I needed. They were so nice! For lunch and dinner the top restaurant area was the only place which wasn’t a buffet. But, it was where I could the day ahead order my gluten free food. And I had no problem with that rather than buffet style. They showed me the menu and then the options I could choose from that were already gluten free, or the things they could make into a gluten free version for me. I felt, so special and so excited to not have to miss out on enjoying the food. I was honestly concerned I’d be stuck with salad the entire trip, but instead received the best service I’d ever had. I didn’t even think I could get such service. This must be what people call 5 star and then some!

-During tea time I realized there was almost nothing I could eat that was gluten free. I even asked a server. He said there wasn’t besides the fruit, but he would speak with the cook. Say 20 minutes later, he comes back with a plate of just baked gluten free cookies. They were fantastic and I felt so spoiled! It’s not the worst thing in the world, but seeing delicious food and not being able to partake at all, sort of stinks. I’m used to that at times. So when I saw the cookies I was very very excited and surprised. And they went wonderfully with my tea.

-I couldn’t have a dessert, so they modified the current one for me to be able to enjoy it.

-Baked fish with fantastic fries (instead of the fried and breaded fish)

-One of the times I had order a Floating Island for dessert the day before. They said they’d modify it for me. I have never even heard of it before. At dinner a waiter brought me sliced fruit to eat, and I asked if there’d been a mistake in my order. He said no I can’t have the other desert as it’d make me sick. It wasn’t a big deal, but I was looking forward to it is all. And everyone else at the table was eating it. Then the manager that usually brings me my food came out of the kitchen with my original dessert, modified for me. I was so happy when I saw him walking towards me because I knew it must be for me. I always smile big when I see him or the other manager cus it means they are bringing me my food, normally only the waiters are bringing food out for the passengers. He smiled big at me, he could see I was excited, and I thanked him warmly. It was a delicious dessert.

-I was informed what items on the buffet were safe for me to eat.

-Cheeses….ohhh the cheeses…

-Stuffed squid with risotto

-Small shared plates with appetizers. If I couldn’t have them, they brought me an appetizer I could eat.

-Warm tea, on a chilly day, this was perfect!

-Delicious seafood

-Gluten free bread at each meal if I wanted. And yes, I ate my two pieces at every meal. I took full advantage of this trip.