I took medication to get better. My cousin was awesome, brought me tea in bed, cold compressor for my forehead. I just stayed in bed and went in and out of sleep almost the entire day. She also helped me find a gift for my sister as I couldn’t make up my mind on what to get her. On the train I had to make signs to communicate. She understood what I meant pretty well though.

I tried to sleep, but I didn’t get more than maybe 2 hours. I just wasn’t feeling well. I set up both phone alarms, which I’m thankful I did. I felt terrible having to wake up my cousin’s Aunt at round 5:30 a.m. when it was still pitch black outside, to take me to the train. I know how to use the train, but I had never switched trains and didn’t know where to buy the second ticket for the airport stop. In fact, neither one of us did. But there was a woman who bought a ticket when I needed to switch, and she was nice enough to tell us how as well. Given that there wasn’t anyone around besides us at the top portion of the station, I was extra thankful. She brought me to the second train station platform where there were others waiting as well. Anyways, once the train came we said our goodbyes and I got in.

The scenery was nice. There was a man sitting across from me, and he kept itching himself? I don’t know, I didn’t stare directly, but I just noticed it out of the corner of my eye once a few minutes passed. Ironically there was a younger man sitting next to me. So I just shrugged and enjoyed my last moments in Greece.

I got off at the Airport stop, and thought, where do I go? Hmm…just follow people with suitcases, look at signs, ask for help if you can’t find your airline check-in at a Help Desk. Which I did. I was waiting at my terminal for the flight.

My music player needed to charge, and the only available plug was in a wall, say 10 feet behind the waiting chairs. This is all normal and fine, but there was a man sitting alone in the last row, and he was speaking…I wasn’t sure if via Bluetooth, or singing, or to himself?

But I sat and charged my player. And then got up as soon as I could as he was staring at me very strangely… and as I was walking away he was mumbling/talking loudly in Greek I think, in my direction, and people starred. I looked behind me briefly, and kept on walking.

Later while in line waiting for the bus to take us to our plane, I noticed there were two young guys who seemed, not from there. Their clothing reminded me of something I’d see in the States, and one had tattoos, the style again, reminded me of what I’d seen back home.

Once on the bus one was speaking on the phone. I was very tired, sick and with my voice almost gone/very deep.

But, I thought, why not say hello. I’m curious. So I did.

Irony is, once I began speaking and out came my lack of a voice, a few moments later the one closest to me moved slightly back (it was a very cramped bus and we were standing), while the other guy moved closer to me.

They were from Australia, flying to Bucharest to stay for 3 days, before heading off to another country, then another, and so on. For pleasure, not business. I guess it was pretty hard to understand me, because at first they thought I lived in Romania, and seemed surprised when I said I lived in the States.

Got on the plane. Arrived in Bucharest. I actually ran into the same guys again while waiting in line again. Again the same guy sort of backed off and went about his business. I think he was concerned I’d get him sick. Which is understandable, but I just thought it was funny. Like if I had never said a word, he would have found me much more appealing. Haha.

The other guy stayed and we had a few laughs. He was friendly. I can’t remember his name…I kept thinking my friend Em would adore it if she was with me right now.  I also learned that Australian passports have an image of a Kangaroo, and some other animal. This made me smile. His friend called him, it was their turn. He said goodbye.

I was in a different line, and it was my turn as well now.

Once I got to my terminal, I realized….I had forgotten to exchange money when I first got to the airport. I was tired and just focused on getting around the airport.

Checked my bag, and I had Dollars and Euros. But no Romanian currency. Sadly, I didn’t wish to go back through various checkpoints etc., to exchange the money, then go through it all over again. Which is my own fault. So I just waited.  I chuckled though, I had never been in a situation where I had money but couldn’t use it. Haha.

While traveling, certain languages etc. I pick up on more.

For instance, in the U.S., if I hear Romanian, etc. I pick up on that. Obviously English is a commonality.

So while in the airport, hearing Romanian businessmen, children, etc. it was interesting.

I’d gotten used to hearing people speak Greek.

Anyone else have that happen?

Where you almost need a moment to get used to it?

Also, the reason I don’t have photos of things is because my camera battery died. The on button was accidently turned on while it was in my bag, without my knowing it.