On the flight from Bucharest to Iasi, the pressure inside my ears got much worse than the first flight. It was painful.

One worse than the other, if I tilted my head in the opposite direction, it felt slightly better.

I was counting down to when we’d land.

We finally landed, and I was so excited.

Once out I realized I couldn’t hear through one of my ears, and it still hurt. Though the pressure was slowly decreasing.

I saw my cousin Vlad, on the opposite side of the clearing sliding glass doors.

While I waited for my bags to come through, I started happily.

Then attacked him with a hug afterwards.

I couldn’t hear that well, and my voice was still off.

But, I was super excited. And I knew the pressure would slowly drop and I’d be fine.

Just meant I had to face Vlad a certain way to hear properly, and it took a few hours to clear up.

My sinuses had drained some into my ears is what I’m assuming. It happens. 

We walked around, ate, then I passed out at his apartment.

I woke up, it was near 10. I heard talking and went out. Vlad’s friends were talking.

My voice had gotten worse…and while Vlad understood what I said, they didn’t. Haha.

Been taking over the counter cold medication from Greece, and Vlad bought me some cough syrup.

The adrenaline I’d had the day before for a few hours when I first arrived was short lived.

I slept a lot.

Then woke up in the early evening to find everyone asleep. Taking a nap. It was silent. In Greece, it was never silent….there were kids playing, my cousin talking, etc. This was odd for me.

I hadn’t done anything all day, and gained some energy.

I wanted to utilize it.

I was in luck, because one of Vlad’s roommates awoke shortly afterwards.

He asked if I wanted to walk around some, and I appreciatively said yes.

My voice had come back some, so thankfully he was able to understand me now.

I came to find out that when he had heard me the day before, he thought I was speaking in another language, not in Romanian. Since my voice was so off. 

We walked around -at my speed and took breaks when I needed ‘em- to a recreational park type area? Basically there’s a small forest, with a road on some parts, and they lead to cabins and also a place for kids to play, places to have a BBQ, go for a swim, etc.  It was nice.

People were walking around. There was a full moon out.I missed being able to do walk around and enjoy nature like that. I thought, I’m walking around a small forest/park type area, with the moon illuminating our steps –later it was regular lights when we got back to the park- and enjoying the fresh air and this nice conversation.

My poor cousin, he woke up and didn’t know where I’d gone. He called and we let him know I was fine. He’s more like a big brother than a cousin to me. Been that way since we were little kids.

A few days later- We’re leaving to go to my hometown. I can overhear Vlad’s mom chastising him, asking why he hadn’t taken me out more. He said I had been too sick. Which is true. I haven’t slept much in the past week, and the over the counter medication hadn’t helped much, so I stayed inside hanging out with my cousin drinking loads of tea and walking around with a comforter. The guys would turn the corner and see me walking like a caterpillar, and get surprised then laugh. I felt cold more than usual.

I also had gluten without realizing it the other night. Which is my own fault clearly. And we are about to go on a bus ride to my hometown. I have a gluten intolerance, so this isn’t good. I was very happy when we got to town.