Childhood memories…

I walked around the fields today.

It was hot but I’m pretty used to heat, so to me, it was fine.

There was a little bit of a breeze.

I saw the cows in the pasture.

Listening to music, walking around and picking flowers, that makes me happy.

Peaceful and calm.

It’s what I did when I was a little kid.

Behind my grandmothers home there were crops she had, then further on there was a small hill in front of a small pond.

At sunset I’d walk over there, and lay on the hill.

I had to be careful not to be poked by weeds or bitten by an insect….

There’s this peacefulness about it.

I could hear the frogs and crickets, cows mooing in the distance.

Parents yelling for their kids to come home….the smell of open fires from hornoaicasthey are a form of outside stoves.

And the sky turning a mix of colors…as the sun set. Slowly losing light.

The train whistling was it drew nearer and went past.

It’s funny. The things I loved most, are still apart of the things I love most today.

I have added to that list, but have never altered their beginnings.

Perhaps it’s best to never forget those things.

If someone told me to name things at the top of my head that describes me, my list would go, nature and exploration, peace, loudness and adventure, family, traditions, art in all its forms, language, animals, wanderlust, eccentric and caring, imagination.

Take those core things we love, regardless of whether others see a value or not, and slowly but surely, sometimes without one even noticing, we lose part of ourselves, part of what made us happy.

Update: While at work last week, someone asked about my education. I answered politely. And was given the unsolicited advice that I should go into medicine, or get my PhD in Psychology and work in Human Resources in a hospital, make at last 100k. Don’t worry about the dreams I have, it doesn’t matter if I like a career I choose, I’ll learn to like it, and the money matters more.

Now, some of this was actually a direct quote, the last bit a paraphrase. But, overall, it is as precise as I can retell it. And the real irony is that I have heard this story more times than I can count. Although the 100k is the first time…normally its a 70k mention or more.

I remember Lady GaGa had an interview regarding her shoot for Glamour Magazine, and for part of it she said “…if you like to draw that’s a talent and you know that you should follow that talent. Instead of feeling like you’d be better off being a doctor, better off going to business school. Creativity is important and don’t push the light down. Let it shine bright, art pop.”

The interview source is

I think she made a very valid point. People say they are trying to be helpful, but really, its unsolicited advice. Yes, money matters. But I think it makes more sense to do what you enjoy and learn how to do it in a manner in which one can make a living. Doesn’t mean its easy, or will be accepted by those you care for the most, but its up to you. I remember reading how Franz Kafka was actually an insurance agent for a time, and had to write at night after work. Or those who wish to go to law school but others perhaps don’t believe they will be able to be successful in such a goal. And sadly as a result might give up on their goal because of the lack of emotional support from others.

Everyone’s different.

There’s no exact way to do one thing.

No exact “correct” way.

When did we forget that?

And yes, I realize we all need to eat, the economy is crappy, jobs scarce, things are expensive.

But, I think its better to focus on what you enjoy and how to be successful than solely how much money you make and that’s it. Unless, that is what personally makes you happy. A nice balance is what I’m trying to explain. 

Being who you want to be, what job you want to have, whether it’s being a pediatrician, photographer, lawyer, horse trainer, ballet dancer, stay at home parent, etc. Not allowing others views to negatively affect your ambition for accomplishing your passion. Here’s some photos of flowers I took while in Romania, that make me smile.

DaisySunflower FieldCollectin Daisies