Cleaning up!

Purple Flowers

I woke up today and felt as though I needed to accomplish something.

Even if it was something small.

It mattered to me.

I thought it was sad that the park I had gone to that week was littered with trash.

My grandmother, mom, and aunts were cooking.

I would be more in the way than anything else if I tried to help them.

They have their own system.

I asked my dad for a pair of gloves and ride to the park.

It takes 30 minutes to get there or so, I didn’t want to be tired when I got there.

He was nice enough to drop me off on his way into town.

I had a trash bag given to me by my aunt.

Put my headsets on and began to clean up. I really like this park because its a nice size, and there’s many many trees.

The dew off the grass was getting on my shoes.

“Top of the world” by Imagine Dragons played in my ear. It’s a happy type of song. Em, thank you for my playlists, they definitely came in handy!

The park was silent, and peaceful. I was shaded by the trees above me.

It was nice. I hummed along to the song.

There wasn’t more than a few people around.

When my bag filled up, I went and dumped it in one of the trash bins. I think the trash had been taken that morning.

There’s a big fountain, it doesn’t work anymore. Or at least it’s not turned on.

Which makes me somewhat sad, ‘cus I think the kids would find it cool if it were working.

I climbed in and began to pick up trash there too.

Then got up.

People began to stare at me.

In the U.S., its not odd to have volunteers clean up a park, beach, etc.

Here, I’ve never seen a volunteer clean up crew in my hometown. Also, I was on my own.

I was filling up the trash cans, and while cleaning behind a bench I saw a dog, then 2 more, they were probably

6-8 months, but one ran after me.

I quickly got out of there and decided I was done….I had filled most of the trash cans, more people were around,

and street dogs, and I was tired. I’d been there for an hour and a half.

Not much time, but at least I tried to clean up the park some. My body was telling me to stop, so, I stopped.

On my way home my cousin drove by with her family. They gave me a ride. I stopped to get some vanilla extract, then hopped back in.

They dropped me and their son off at my grandmother’s.

He quickly yelled across the fence for Alex to come and play.

I thought, this is what I enjoy. You never know what’s going to happen.