Food poisoning much?

I just finished with the last of my medication and saw my doctor.

My cousin will have to go back to work -he took his vacation same time as my coming so we could hang out-

He had to go back to Iasi and given that I was sick when I went last time, I thought I’d try it again.

Here’s how it went-

My cousin is working a double shift today.

I woke up early, but felt like getting things done.

-Last night we had a BBQ at the forest/recreation area I mentioned before with Vlad and some of his friends.

I also bought some pickled fish at the store and tried some.

I also tried to run some, but after a short bit I realized my Achilles was saying, “Girl, no. You better stop or I’ll swell and you’ll be in more pain walking and regret it!”  So I walked instead.

I opened my cousins laptop and wrote some friends, then tried to come up with a beat on my midi keyboard.

An hour later, I felt horrible. And soon came to realize I had gotten food poisoning. I think the fish was the culprit, because everyone else was fine.

I was hoping to go out and explore some, but…the whole food poisoning bit put an end to that before it even began.

I laid in bed, the covers wrapped around me like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

His roommates checked on me, and I let them know I wasn’t feeling too well but was fine.

It was just one of those sort of days.

Everyone was out.

I threw up again and didn’t have the energy to get up, so I laid on the bathroom floor.

I was thinking to myself, didn’t I just finish with my pneumonia medication 3 days ago? I need a vacation…

A vacation from my vacation? No, just a better immune system…. and after a few minutes I

realized if one of my cousins roommates came in and found me on the floor…they might be….concerned and over react.

So I got up slowly and laid back in bed.

They brought me rice crackers.  And I ate 2.

Later when Vlad called to see how I was, I proudly said, I ate 2 rice crackers.

I realize now how silly that must have sounded.

I had tried to reach Em, but she wasn’t home. That’s the cruddy part of travel…you can’t…well, you can’t call someone or text etc. as you normally might given international phone restrictions.

So when something’s wrong, its difficult to actually get a hold of someone when you want to.

One of Vlad’s roommates needed to take some food to him, and I tagged along.

“Don’t throw up on my car.”

“I won’t. I think I’m done for a while.”

I put the window down….and it was…fantastic.

I put my hand out the window, and felt the breeze.

I enjoy his as a matter of fact attitude.

“Eat, I don’t want to be calling an ambulance for you.”

“I had rice crackers, I can’t have anything else, I’ll throw up again. I’ll be fine.”

-Gives a yea sure look at me. Haha. It’s like I’m the little sister of everyone, even though I’m only a year or two younger.-