I’m Dr.Doolittle for the day, sort of, not really…

I was going to the corner store, when I heard a kitten meow.

I realized he was under a parked car.

I tried to get him but he was too skittish and kept getting away.

The owner of the car came and got something out of their porbagaj, wait according to Google that’s called trunk in English. I kid you not, I couldn’t remember how to say that.

He leaned under the car and gave me the kitten.

I thanked him.

What a tiny poor sickly looking kitten it was.

It really looked…sickly. Like in that episode of Family Guy where he sprays some cologne on himself

and all the sickly cats come after him because the scent attracted them? Goey eyes with green stuff near them, fur all matted and weird looking. He was white with black spots.

Yea, well, no joke, this was that.

The little guy somehow climbed on my upper back/neck and was walking around/nestling himself.

I petting him and tried to get him down…but he was sticking to my shirt with his claws.

I got him back down, but he climbed back up…

He was purring very happily. And people who passed by starred at me oddly. I was hunched slightly, trying to make sure he didn’t fall and simultaneously attempting to get him back down. I was hoping my cousin could come down and go to the store for me instead, get him some food.

I called Vlad and he said “Put it down, its going to give you fleas. No you cant bring it here. Put it down Oana.”

But I thought, I can’t leave him like this. He’s to little and sickly, he’s going to die.

A little girl passed by and I asked, is this your cat?

She said, “No, but my friend has been looking for it! Can I have it? I’ll bring it to her.”

“Do you promise to take good care of it? Only if you promise to take good care of it.”

She said yes and I handed the kitten over. She was gentle with him. She thanked me and ran away while she held it close.

“Be gentle.”

I went back up to the apartment.

I needed to wash my hands….while the cat was near my hair I thought,please don’t give me fleas…or some type of disease…. But I was just fine. Thankfully….

We went out tonight with some of Vlad’s friends.

I had a bad headache.

On our way back home tonight a dog began to follow us.

He was a Pekinese type mix. I had a bigger one that looked similar when I was a little kid.

His name was Misulica, Misu for short.

In Romanian s with a line underneath makes a sh sound. I just don’t have a normal keyboard so I can’t type it correctly.

I started to call him Misu. One of the gang with us began yelling for him to leave us.

The dog veered off into the road, and cars began to come.

I told him to stop, and called for the dog to come back, I didn’t want him to get hurt.

Dogs passed on the other side of the street, they began barking at Misu, and he seemed scared.

I yelled at the dogs, so they’d leave him alone, and told Misu to keep on coming. Side Note-I don’t recommend doing this…haha.

I lost sight of him as he decided to go a different way….I thought, well that’s that then. But magically he appeared behind me again.

He followed us all the way to Vlad’s apartment.

I asked Vlad to bring some food for him, and I stayed in front of the apartment complex with the dog.

I love my sisters’ two Maltese dogs, and missed them. This might make me seem like a weirdo, so judge away, but I talk to them sometimes. Not like a back and forth conversation, but a, hi there you want to play? You’ve been tired lately, me too, etc. Talk about my day some.

I usually speak to the dogs in English, sometimes Spanish. I began talking to the dog in English, and offered him the food that Vlad had brought. Surprisingly, he didn’t eat. Either my cooking is that terrible, or he was full. Which is not the norm of a street dog, they’re usually starving from my experience at least. I sat on the cement and put my hand out, so he knew I meant well, and he smelled it. Then licked it. I petted him lightly and carefully.

There was a man with a child who walked past me, I stopped talking when I noticed them, and they suddenly stepped a good few steps away from me. I can’t blame them…it was almost 10 p.m. and they were walking past a girl sitting on the sidewalk edge, feeding and petting a dog while speaking in English….

I haven’t seen that before actually. I’ve never gotten this close to a dog I didn’t know either. But this one was different. None off the street would want to lick my hand or want to be this physically close to me, or me to them. I just kept telling him some of the things that I had been concerned about. Whatever thoughts had floated up from my cerebrum I let myself voice to Misu. And, I felt better afterwards.  Some time passed and I realized I should go up and join the others. Vlad would worry.

And I got up and began waking towards the door to the complex, he followed without my saying a word. I sad goodbye, and had to be careful to close the door behind me, because he seemed to think he was coming with me. The door is clear, so I could see him sitting there in front of the door…just staring at me…I kept walking and looked back, he was still there as I got to the stairs. I felt very sad. I wanted to bring the little guy with me…but there was no way. He’s a dog off the streets, and I was staying at my cousin’s apartment, which also doesn’t allow for dogs, nor would he have been ok with bringing him in even if they did, and I can’t blame him given he doesn’t know him.

I think in my version, I’d have been somehow been able to bring him in, he’d magically not have fleas…but Im sure he did, and in the morning take him to the vet’s office that was right around the corner.

And, well, idk. I just felt sad, leaving the little guy staring at me. I didn’t want to leave him.

He was a good, sweet dog, and he deserved a good home, where he’d be loved and safe and cared for. Hope someone else realized this and took him in and cared for him properly.

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