Pneumonia much?

I keep getting worse, rather than better.

Hadn’t slept much that entire week.

I had trouble breathing even sitting, etc.

And I can feel a spasm in my chest when I cough now. From coughing too much.

We were having a family BBQ and many members of my family advised I go to see a doctor.

One offered to take me.

It was a weeknight.

He said he’d take me now even, he knows one of the head doctors there well, who was working that night.

I asked if he could take me please.

So we hopped in his car and he called the doctor. 

We met and after a consultation he got a nurse who gave me an IV.

After 2 IV’s which were also filled with medication, my family member, who is my cousin’s husband, took me home.

I’m grateful to have such a caring family. And also that this great doctor was seeing me under such short notice, not having to wait a long, especially considering he’s such a great doctor and my being a milder case compared to what he’s used to -he gave me my prescription than literally excused himself as he needed to go scrub into surgery- etc. I’m very very lucky. I definitely realize that.

The next 2 days my dad took me twice a day to get my medicine via IV.

The nurse left the IV needle in my wrist, of course it had the opening closed, and then was bandaged up. This way I wouldn’t have to be pricked twice daily for the days I had an IV.

She was a really nice nurse. I was there maybe an hour and a half or so, and she’d pop her head in every so often. Change to a new IV bag, add medicine to the saline, etc.

One of the things that makes me laugh is that while waiting to see the doctor one of the days, I was coughing badly and couldn’t stop, which was normal for me now. And it made an odd noise, also from the weird spasm I felt. Well, many were waiting for the same doctor, and they stared at me as though they were thinking, what the heck is wrong with that girl? Avoid that one! Haha.

Then started on only pill medications I took at home for 6-7 days.

Took a bit to clear up.

Oh, and a scan showed I had Pneumonia.

So I haven’t done anything adventurous during this time. I’m just very thankful for having such an awesome family who cares about me, takes me to a doctor, sets food aside for me before adding the glutinous ingredients, chilling with my cousin just watching movies ‘cus I wasn’t up for anything else. So…been a low key almost 3 weeks, just trying to get better. It’s nice to be able to see my family. I’m very lucky.