Saw a Drug Deal

Here is a post from Greece I had written, but forgot to post. So…here it is now! Hooray!

Near the families’ apartment in Athens, there’s an open area, and next to it a small field to play soccer.

What’s nice about this open area is that it allows for kids to run around, and has benches for parents to sit and chat. We would go out quite a lot out there with the family, and it was nice. I noticed on the other side of the area there were teenagers talking. They hung out here as well, usually away from the others. I noticed a guy on a motorcycle climbed up slowly on the cement walkway. I thought this was odd, why would anyone cut through the middle like that, rather than go on the side where it’s easier. He and his bike went over to the teenagers and one came closer and they shook hands. I had seen the biker take his hand out of his pocket right before he shook his hand. Then he went off on his way. It was so random and obvious that I laughed and continued chatting with the family. Hearing a bike rev up slowly up and then down the walkway on the other side, etc.

Also, here is What Not to Do While In A Store side note-

I noticed there was a pudding type item, but I wasn’t sure if it was pudding or a custard…
So I asked someone near me.
He found his uncle and then came back and told me it was a Greek type pudding.
Then I saw that there were different types of milk, with one container being chocolate colored and had a goat.
I asked him if its chocolate goats milk, he seemed confused by what goat meant, I said like beehhh.

–Technically I think that’s sheep, a goat is baahh?-
He went from a pleasant look to a highly uncomfy one..said no no, its milk not chocolate.
I like this kind of chocolate milk (and pointed to one).
Then immediately walked away.
My cousin began to laugh, and I realized, perhaps I had spent too much time singing animal noises
to my baby niece right before I had left to travel…
He was right though, the orange flavored chocolate milk he suggested was really good.

At another store I was speaking to my cousin in Romanian.
An older woman began speaking to me and I thinking asking if I was Italian but I explained no.
We somehow had a small conversation about this, though, I’m not sure which language/languages it was in exactly….more like an odd and wonderful stew of languages and hand signs, but we understood one another just fine.
And it was very pleasant and enjoyable.