Stars and Fireworks

I like going outside momentarily and looking at the stars.

It’s cold at night, so I recommend a jacket if you’re from the southern states.

But the stars shine brightly, because there aren’t too many lights out.

One night I woke up cus I heard loud noises.

I got up and went outside and realized that it was the sound of fireworks.

I sat outside and watched them.

The next morning my dad told me that a Romanian soccer team had won a match, and they were celebrating by shooting off fireworks.

I had never seen fireworks in my hometown before.

It was really nice.

Being able to stand and watch fireworks in the middle of the night.

Just hanging out. Haha.

I like moments like this, unexpected random just enjoyable watch and smile moments.

It’s good to remember to breathe.

Because even during a travel, things can get hectic.

Really, especially during travels at times.

When things can be completely foreign and exciting, and sometimes its nice to simplify.

Remember to do what you want.

What will make you happy.