Taking Alex to School

I woke up early and got ready.

Alex, the neighbors daughter, had to go to school today.

It’s like a little summer school recap session for 3 or so hrs a day a few days a week for a few weeks.

I promised Alex I’d take her to school.

I called her across the fence.

A small little blurb of short color started moving behind the fence.

She said she was awake and would be ready on time. I let her know to take her time.

I waited outside her house.

She was wearing a cute little dress. Her main colors were pink and red and white.

I was wearing a v striped dress that was white and red.

We matched. It was cute.

She’s looked adorable with her big backpack on. She’s 6.

I asked her if she wanted me to hold it, she said no. It wasn’t heavy. She’s grown up so much.

It was a nice day.

We just talked the way there. She’s a wicked smart kid, and just awesome in general.

We spoke the entire way.

I dropped her off at her school and told her I’d be back to pick her up.

I went to the store a 10-15 mins away. I got a few things I needed, a few things I was just curious to try.

I went home afterwards.

Ate some, then realized shortly afterward it was time to pick up Alex, possibly… I wasn’t given an exact time.

It was still nice out. Sunny.

I stood against a tree and waited…parents came and waited.

Alex popped out of the school doors later on.

She was surprised to see me and ran towards me. I gave her a hug and said hello to her friend.

I gave her the candy bar I bought for her while she was at school. I tried to find her favorite yogurt, but I couldn’t find it. So I got her the chocolate bar filled with marshmallow with strawberry jelly inside.

It’s one of my favorites.

She was still happy.

On our way back to her home,she was chatting away happily, and I thought, what a fantastic day.

Traveling is nice, visiting ancient ruins, meeting people in place you’ve never been before, is great. However, I think its also wonderful to take part in something so, normal that I had missed being able to do. My grandparents watch her at times, or she’ll come and play with my cousin’s son when he visits, or I’ll watch her and her friends play. It’s nice to have neighbors you know and can trust, and enjoy having a conversation with etc. Also, for those who wondered, Alex’s older brother was at home the entire time, and could have taken her to school. But she wanted me to do it so I offered. I had been gone a few days at Iasi and had been sick before then. As a result I hadn’t spent any time with her, so I wanted to make it up to her.