The Mountains

A good amount of my family on my mom’s side got together and decided to rent a cabin near the mountains together.

It was nice. We’d been there before 2 years prior.

Actually, while on a walk with my aunt and uncle, some small dogs came from ones front yard through a hole. Two small black ones and one very chunky and stout brown and white one. One of the write ones got very close to my legs and I got worried, this was random ‘cus he seemed, happy? He licked my calf. I was confused but that it was sweet. Then I realized 2 years prior there had been 3 small dogs and a separate one that was very skittish and I was concerned would bit me….that I had given our scraps too. I guess they remembered me? I felt bad to see that 2 of them weren’t around anymore. The small ones walked quickly and followed us some. The poor chunky stout one with short little legs walked slowly, and had to take breaks often, but he kept on coming. He was cute but I also felt bad for him, I’m not sure if he’d been overfed by his owner, or he just looked that way?

We had family meals and I got to spend some more time with everyone. It was very cold at night….and I’m also not good with the cold which doesn’t help. Haha. I really liked the fresh air though. Clean and crisp. And a beautiful view.

I couldn’t find the photos I took…they must have run away. Therefore, here are photos of the same place, but 2 years ago when we went there as well.


Mtn1Mtn2Mtn3Mtn4Mtn5MouseyMtn7Mtn8Magical looking hotel

  Mtn10Mtns 11Mtns 13Mtns14Mtns15Mtns16Mtns17Mtns18Zuchini

 Mtns 20Mtns 21