Train/Food Allergy?

I took the train home today. The guys were nice enough to take me to the station at noon, my cousin was still at work. I’m not feeling well, and it’ll take a few days to get better, so I think it’s best I go back home. Bye Iasi! I’m sorry my do-over was a fail since I got food poisoning.

I felt better today compared to the other day at least. Or else I wouldn’t have been able to take the few hour train ride. I called Em after an hour and a half, as I still have a while and was bored. I went into the area near the bathroom where there wasn’t anyone and spoke to her. It was nice to catch up for a few minutes. I sat back down afterwards and listened to some more music as I watched the scenery. I really enjoy looking out the window and getting such a wide open view.

Side note- Food Allergy?

I forgot to mention that a few days ago I had been really getting bitten by mosquitoes. To a degree that’s become pretty annoying. And I then realized that they weren’t bug bites, but rather an allergic reaction that was spreading. This will be the third time this has happened, all on separate trips to see family. I think it is a food allergy, possibly a cheese related one? I have no clue. But it’s not fun, and they turn from faux bug bites to bruised looking spots for a few weeks until they completely heal. I just take an over the counter antihistamine and it does the trick. *Shrugs* It would be nice if I knew what it was so I didn’t get it a 4th time… You might be thinking, this person sure gets sick or falls or etc. often, don’t they? And why yes, you’d be correct in thinkin’ that sir. But I make it through.


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