Miss planes

Waiting at 5 a.m.


As I research schools and different programs, etc. While in a somewhat transitional preparation period middle ground. –Which I will add is both frightening, but mostly exciting. I suppose I’ve realized even if the answer is no, that’s not what I want, that helps will finding what options are a good fit.-

One of the things I think about is how much I hope to travel. I remember last June while getting ready for the trip ahead, and it felt…right. It had months prior when the plan had been completely different. And I find myself longing to have that again. I remember being back in FL for 3 weeks, and thinking, wow, great to see my family! But, I felt like a tourist. Which is funny, I was a tourist other places, but I didn’t feel like one. Here I kept thinking this was my stop, my long layover.

Now, everyone has responsibilities. Me included obviously. And the stress from wanting to traveling, would not be as high if I knew I would be going from here to here, on this date, etc. Even if it’s not for another year, etc. I’m a planner, only, people always seem to not realize this. When I share my long thought out plans or ideas, I stick out like a sore thumb, because people wonder, where’d that come from? That’s random and possibly odd. But to me, makes perfect sense.

And don’t get me wrong here, I can’t be a backpacker. ‘Cus my age is considered young, but my body doesn’t match my age due to past injuries. Unless we’re talking a normal backpack, not the super huge and heavy real backpacker type of backpack. I’m pretty terrible at descriptions at times, probably why I prefer photos.

For instance, for a few years, I’ve hoped to one day spend say at least say 2 months or so, in Thailand, Vietnam, and possibly Laos or Cambodia. With the most time spent in Thailand and Vietnam. If I could do longer, obviously I’d jump for joy, though 2 weeks is probably a more “realistic” amount of time I could do this for. In which case, I’d pick just one country. But I would want to stay longer…I like getting familiar with places I’ve never been to before. To enjoy the day, take it all in. I don’t know if I will ever do this, but I hope that I do. And this is one of the probably 100’s of scenarios I have wanted to do travel wise.

This past summer I wondered, this will be the first real travel trip, will I ever get another one? Which to me is like being told that Santa doesn’t exist as a child –I realized it on my own at age 5-. It’s not something to be mentioned or ever thought of. And this might seem like whining, but I think it’s more than just that. I keep being hit in the face, metaphorically speaking, although I’ve had a few run ins with doors and a soccer ball, with certain things. This being one of them. Also, my trying to figure out a nice mixture between visual and verbal forms of communication as a career one day. So, I think it’s good to go with it. Keep it in mind.

Quote of the day: “Well you like people and you like talking a lot.” Or something like that. My sister said this to me this morning as I said it’s funny I hadn’t realized some of the possible options academic and career for me. Yup, she’s quite right.