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I realized something this morning as I looked over my last post. I don’t have time to edit so I just post it as soon as I write it. In the beginning I am speaking about myself to myself, then turn to an actual audience. And it sort of seems to switch at times. I sort of did this without thinking or realizing it. But it’s funny how when you do things organically…you sort of look back and think, what was that about? Oh, now I get what that meant. Haha. Like little things or perhaps even big things which you come to realize when you take a second look. It’s a nice surprise.

I think I was writing that post for both myself, as well as for others. I think we all need a pick me up. We give others one, but sometimes forget to give ourselves a break, or some positive encouragement based upon all the things we’ve been through and learned. Those hiccups can teach us a lot if we pay attention.