Small Steps….

Small steps...

I think I’m realizing, if I want to continue being on the road to getting to where I want to be. You gotta take the small steps continually. I think it’s a difficult thing sometimes, especially if you think, man, I used to be doing this ________, now I’m hoping to figure out this ______. I think though, that it’s just part of it all. Sure, no one likes to think that they’ve gone backwards at all. But I think the points that, at least from personal experience, that’s not what defines the person you are. What does is the person you are today and what are you trying to accomplish or working little by little until your able to get the opportunity to get a shot at what you want. Seems like life doesn’t really turn out how you’d anticipate it. And what it’s about if who is around you and what you have, and what your going to do with it all. Being overly concerned with what one doesn’t have, if it is something that isn’t actually important, sort of just takes you away from what is, and what you can do to be the person you want to be.

I think it’s hard. It’s hard to no longer speak to friends or family you never for a thought believed would ever not be part of your life, or the things which made up the identity you had of yourself. It tears you up and you gotta mourn all that. Which takes time, and some stuff, you always mourn, because there’s no way not to. But strangely, it can bring out a strength you didn’t quite realize you had. You keep on your own road regardless. I really think that when things aren’t too good, that’s when you see who a person truly is. ‘Cus you have no way to hide. And I also think it’s a good measurement, when one is down, and others aren’t, to see others’ true sentiments toward you, whether they say it or not. They show it. So, don’t make it about what you wish you had or other people would do. Make it about you, about what you need, which for me personally, includes being able to be a good friend, etc., but having a good balance, and not choosing someone else’s happiness over my own. ‘Cus we’re all adults, We can make our own choices, we all deserve to be happy. And worrying about someone else more than yourself, won’t actually help either. It’ll all just end up being crap.

So yea… small steps count. Even if they seem insignificant compared to your past accomplishments, don’t compare them. It’s about where your going after all. Some people talk about their glory days. Why not talk about your glory days in your future? Life can end at any moment, terrible things can happen at any moment. So just keep on rolling with it all. Don’t let the outside noise negatively affect the impact you could make on the world, or the greatness you have. Yes, today is an extra sappy post. Haha. This is after all my space to write whatever I wish, and this morning this was I needed to get out.