Food I Made/Bought Wk2

Been a hectic 2 weeks, but here’s what is on my camera. Not all the food I made, didn’t have much time. But here’s what I was able to get. The first two descriptions are missing photos, there seems to be an issue with them. I’m working on fixing that. 

Mazzaro's Italian Market Gluten Free Cake

My birthday mini cake! -Oana Sitruuna

One of the small cakes I bought from a local market. It is gluten free obviously, and pretty darn yummy. Great with some unsweetened almond milk! Compliments to Mazzaro’s Italian Market!

Made by Oana Sitruuna

Made by Oana Sitruuna

An on the spot soup. Broth, frozen veggies, gluten free pasta (only gluten free in my pantry), and shrimp.

Work LunchWork Lunch2

This was my take to work lunch.  The eggs I didn’t peel until I ate them. They are on a bed of cut up small tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts. The small container beside it, contains extra virgin olive oil, gluten free soy sauce, some lemon grass, and ginger.

Greenwise Organic SalsaKettle Brand Chips 

Clearly, I didn’t make these. Haha. But I wanted to have some type of snack. And the Greenwise Publix Organic salsa is my favorite, and it was on sale. Kettle brand chips are very yummy as well.

Chickpea Soup

Alright, I actually debated posting this photo. I realize, it doesn’t look appetizing…and no matter what angle I took the photo from, the result was the same. But, it tasted fantastic! Broth was just water, some washed chickpeas from a can, loads of fresh kale and spinach, cut up and cooked tomatoes, topped with some slices of pork and melted cheddar cheese. I also added spices such as paprika, cumin, chill powder and lemon.

Asian Soup w/ Rice Noodles

Asian style soup again. Cooked unshelled edamame, mushrooms, shrimp and rice noodles. Broth included gluten free soy sauce, lemon grass, ginger, some hot sauce, plenty of freshly cut basil, etc. Just simple and easy.

Tasty soup concoction

Gluten free Progresso soup was buy one get on free, as was unsalted chicken broth by Progresso. It’s very difficult to find unsalted broth, and I highly enjoy Progresso’s. I wish they had an unsalted beef broth option as well.

I put a can of Progresso Traditional Clam Chowder, and an entire container of the unsalted broth. Frozen corn, fresh bell peppers cut into tiny pieces, loads of fresh spinach, and some herbs and spices. Also, I put two slices of Boar’s Head Chipotle Gouda cheese. Gave it a bit of a kick!