Gluten Free Travel

Candycane Lane Snowmen

GF food I ate during my past summer travels…. Also, above are some snowmen. Random photo I wanted to share. Onto the post we go!

I liked going to the grocery store, and getting to check out what items they had.
It was interesting to find that certain things were very similar to products offered in the U.S. Simultaneously, there were things I hadn’t seen in a normal store ever. 

Here is what I packed in my suitcase that was gluten free:
-gluten free granola (Udi’s)
-gluten free pretzel sticks
-buckwheat (2 packages)
-quinoa (2 packages)
-I had considered gluten free pasta, but last minute kept it off my list. Since I rarely eat it.
-gluten free rice crackers (one flavor just sea salt, another cracked black pepper)

I think some type of gluten free snack bar might have been a good idea.
However, given that I had the granola which I mixed with the almonds, I felt set.
I found that gluten free pasta was available in one of the stores.
So was gluten free rice cakes, in different flavors.
I stuck with just salted or if possible, unsalted ones.
There’s also dried soy. They came in tiny pieces or larger chunks. I bought this,
soaked it accordingly, and along with veggies and a bit of spice, it was great with quinoa.

I’m pretty used to just avoiding things that have gluten, so not having bread, etc. wasn’t an issue for me.
Some family meals I couldn’t partake from due to gluten, but others I could.
What I couldn’t I tried to make something to add to what I could. It was all good.
My cousin’s family family was also very sweet.

I honestly feel very lucky to have had people take my intolerance seriously, and care enough to make alterations when possible. It was highly appreciated it. I hadn’t expected this, so it was super nice of them.

Things that took a bit was looking at deli things to make sure they were gluten free.

There were one or two brands which specifically said without gluten. And if not, and if I was lucky the
ingredients were written in a language I could understand so that I could check.
I realized it was best to stick to one brand of sausage, and another brand of deli sliced meat,
turkey, chicken etc, which clearly stated it didn’t have gluten. I used the rice cakes as a my platform,
and then veggies on the side.
A lil sandwich of sorts.
Maybe I bought some goat cheese as a spread. Simple, tasty. Or even an egg.
Also, the stuff I brought with me was large enough that it lasted me a good while. And it’s self life is also very long.

Food I adored while in Greece that I can’t buy in the States (at least not the same fashion, etc.):
-Orange flavored chocolate milk
-Caramel flavored chocolate milk
-Oregano flavored chips
-Greek yogurt, which I dipped my chips in. Watch out which type you get, I bought one type and it was
like normal Greek yogurt Id get from Florida. But then I got a
-Pistachio flavored ice cream, dipped in chocolate.
-Freddo (in all it’s delicious forms and flavors)
-Dried soy (I realize it’s not good to have too much soy, however, I ate it in moderation and felt
that given my location it was a good choice)

Food I adored while in Romania that I can’t buy in the States:

-Flavored chips such as Coconut Curry chips which were shaped like Pringles and came in a similar can. Also, Cheese flavored chips. And Romanian style pufuleti, plain flavored. It’s basically a cheese doodle, minus the cheese or any other flavoring, just salt. Might sound odd to others, and well, tasteless, but I and every Romanian I have met, highly enjoys them!

-Marshmallow flavor filled chocolates.

-Ice cream in all it’s forms, from cantaloupe to grape.

Food I wish I’d brought with me:

-Pistachio’s-why? It’d have been nice to have a second nut protein source other than the almonds.
-Dried seaweed- My cousin brought some actually. She shared it with me. It’s a good on the go I
feel like munching on something.
-Lara bars, or some other type of gluten free bar. They seem to be based on fruit and nuts.
-A container of packaged Coconut Milk. Just because I missed it. But it would have taken up
a lot of space, and if it burst open in my baggage during the trip, I would’ve been pretty annoyed.


I realize, perhaps my choices aren’t exactly “exciting”. But for me personally, these were good choices.
I didn’t want to fuss, just keep it simple, yummy, and nutritional. Though I realize
white rice cakes don’t have much nutrition, when you are busy, or sick from food poisoning
or about to travel for a while and need something light, it’s a great option. 🙂