Sucevita Monastery

These are some photos I found from a good few years ago on a family visit to Romania. The monastery is Sucevita Monastery, built in the last 17th century, and located in the village of Sucevita. The monastery itself was very beautiful, but one thing that I found highly unique were the flower gardens they had.The last photos were taken from the small tourist shops nearby. They contain everything from traditional outfits, kids toys, to handmade pottery.

I actually still vividly remember the woman who was selling the small bowls. I thought they were very pretty and asked for permission to photograph them and other items she was selling. She was very nice. I think perhaps she was bored, and we began talking. Where am I from, how’s the weather there, etc.There had been floods in one portion of the country that year, and a drought in another. Which affected not only the people but also the livestock and crops. I was just standing there having a full conversation and she seemed to enjoy the company. While I pondered if I should buy a bowl or not –I was concerned it would be damaged on the long trip back to the States- my dad came and said we were leaving. So I said my goodbyes and wished her a nice day.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the yellow donkey! I nicknamed him Eddie. I was speaking to my brother in law and sister to my parents, etc. and went from English to Spanish to Romanian depending on who I was talking to. I couldn’t remember how to say donkey in Spanish. It’s burro. I normally try to be myself but simultaneously fly under the radar if possible. But in the moment we were all laughing about something I said regarding Eddie the donkey. I completely forgot how odd it was for others, such as the venders and fellow tourists stared oddly. Which I can understand.

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