Being a helper for the day

Been a busy week still, so this is being posted a bit late. But I wanted to make sure I did.

On Monday I was given the chance to be Esther Louise’s helper for the day during a shoot. It was my first time meeting her. She is simply fantastic and an amazing photographer! It was a good learning experience. I enjoyed being able to observe her and her interactions with the model. It was very effortless, natural and calm, but simultaneously focused and we laughed loads.

I also really enjoyed being able to help, even if it was just holding the reflector or helping with outfit changes. Or when I made the model laugh when she looked at me and her smile was caught by Esther.

And I must also say, the model and her sister were really lovely people as well. When I drove home I felt a sense of joy. Before I left I told Esther this was one of the best days I had since I went to Europe this past summer. And I meant it. A great few hours spent with wonderful talented people and getting to be a helper for the day. Then getting to hang out with my sister and little niece afterwards. Awesome day!