Week 3+4


Homemade popcorn! This reminds me of when my grandmother makes it for me. Only, her version is obviously much better. 🙂 I used to burn it somewhat the first times I made it. I realized I wasn’t putting enough oil in the pan. I sprinkled some ranch powder to taste.


DSC01510  DSC01513

The week before this one, my sister had her baby, and my mom came home from the rehabilitation facility. She had a total knee replacement surgery. Therefore, I found I didn’t have much time to actually cook anything that took longer than 5 or 10 minutes. Boiled egg with a salad, gluten free waffles from the toaster, chickpeas from a can drained and cooked with egg and spices, salad with chicken, etc. Simple things that I could whip up and eat while or in between watching my niece as her parents were in the hospital with the lil guy, or making sure my mom had what she needed. Which might all sound easy, but, it was a lot of running back and forth and making calls to insurance and doctors and meetings. Thankfully, everyone is progressing! Anyways, that was a long story…but it ties in with the above meal –also explains why I don’t have as much to share food wise-. They were on sale and I bought it, as it seemed yummy and is gluten free, with real ingredients I know. I must say, it was really good! I could taste the cilantro and tomatillos. The rice was perfectly done with the pinto beans giving it a change in texture, and the sweet grilled corn. All topped with cheese and tortilla pieces. It had a nice kick! I highly enjoyed it, and it kept it full for a good 4 hours.


DSC01583 DSC01586

On the left we have a soup I made. The broth is just Progresso unsalt chicken broth –which I’ve mentioned I adore-, spices such as paprika, chili powder, cumin, some hot sauce and lemon juice, garlic and onion powder, etc. I added 2 cans of cannellini beans, spinach and kale, and pieces of smoked beef that dad had made. I topped it all off with some corn tortillas which I folded in half, then put in the toaster. Also, I just put some smoked gouda cheese on top with I pulled apart with my hands.

On the right is some shredded coleslaw mix –shredded cabbage, carrot and purple cabbage-. For the dressing I mixed a touch of honey, Greek yogurt, mustard, lemon and pepper powder and salt.


I always enjoyed chips, but it was more of a very few months sorta thing for me. However, ever since I’ve realized I have an intolerance to gluten, this has changed for me. It’s more of a twice a month deal at times. It’s a bummer when there’s something I want to try but I can’t due to my intolerance. Therefore, since many things are off limits, I have honed in more on the things I can enjoy. And yes, I do make a lot of food for myself at home. But it’s nice to be able to try things just as others who do not have any food allergy or intolerance. Instead of being bummed about what I can’t eat, I try to stay positive with the things I can. And find try to have it be a nice variety. While many chips do have gluten added to them, a wide variety does not. So it’s nice to go, oohhh I can try this or this or this. Haha.

This flavor of chips are one of the favorites! I adore tomatoes and basil, so…it makes sense. 🙂 Highly recommend them.



I took two gluten free waffles and toasted them. Then paired this with fresh basil leaves, kale salad mix, honey smoked ham and low sodium muenster cheese deli slices –Boar’s Head, with it all being gluten free- and bam! 🙂 I really enjoyed this! It was super easy and yummy!



Alright this is more of a, I pulled this together really fast meal again. I seem to do that normally though. I guess I adapt what I eat based upon what is going on around me. Time management, ingredients, etc. Which is a no brainer I suppose.

This is just some cooked rice noodles, with sliced water chestnuts and green onions. The broth is just water with fresh lemon grass, gluten free soy sauce, fresh basil, salt and pepper, hint of lemon and hot sauce, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Normally I would put a fried or boiled egg on top, and some spinach or other veggies. But this is what I felt like having that night.


I washed and cut normal potatoes, and mixed them with olive oil, freshly minced garlic, and some salt and pepper. Roasted them at 400 for 40some minutes. Then I added hand cut –I don’t know what the term is, I just took it and pulled it apart in pieces with my hands, haha- fresh dill, parsley and green onion. It was pretty darn tasty! Also, I forgot to mention, I did two good sprinkles of ginger powder. I remember my sister did in her quiche once, and I thought it might be a good idea here too.