Stand Tall

Breathe Freely Flori

A lyric of mine keeps playing in my mind.

“I’d rather stand tall, than face away in fear.”

It seems too often as though it is easier to go around an issue rather than face it. But sooner or later, it needs to be faced. And the clock will continue to tick away. As I continue to figure out what I want from the future and how to attain that, those lyrics come to mind. When the fear of not just making mistakes or being rejected from a certain job or university, but of just the unknown. And I repeat that in my mind. It’s not some sort of amazing statement, but it is one I hope to adhere to. One that quickly defines one of my life pursuits. To not allow fear keep me from doing what it is I truly wish to do. Being afraid is fine. It’s what we do with it that matters.

It may seem easier to go with the rest of what everyone says or goes along with. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If that is what we truly want. But if it’s not, might want to rethink that. I say this with myself in mind. As a way to share and reflect, but also to remind myself to keep trying.