I think that in this day and age, it seems at times as though there are too few options, and yet other times it can seem as though there are too many options. Nonetheless, I think a string which holds these two opposite concerns is that a choice needs to be made. The small choices seem well, just that. Minuet, What to eat this morning? Should you bring a sweater? Etc. Simple normal and everyday choices. Then there are simple choices which can be different, a new restaurant, a new book, etc. But then there are normal choices which can have a big impact upon ones’ life. Who surrounds us, who we are with, our job, our lack of a employment, where we live, etc. All of these things require action, propelled by a choice. And that, among the uncertainty of life, is quite scary.


Fear. Given the opportunity to seep into ones’ mind like coffee in a white carpet, it can well, forever be ingrained and remain a hindrance from any movement, or perhaps, any movement that would involve the most risk, and perhaps, would mean that we do not take ownership of our dreams. Rather, we sweep them under the rug. Because life is hard, and is scary. So, it seems like a safer bet to choose things that are aligned more so with traditional family views, or societies conceptions, or what have you. It’s based upon conforming to a different ideology other than the one hidden within ones self.


And I can’t really blame anyone. Heck, then I’d be a complete hypocrite. I think I’ve realized though, that by not choosing to be true to ones self, we are committing a great travesty to our own selves. And simultaneously, not making some type of choice, because of a fear, means that you have no way to grow. It’s difficult when one wishes to find themselves, and yet they cannot seem to move in one direction or another…. there’s no chance for anything different to take place then. Sometimes the scariest thing can be making a choice. But it’s a step. Right or wrong. For the right reasons or not, though hopefully it is a choice that is wise, in the very least, it is a choice. It’s a start.