“Just try.”



This is what my computer desk looks like. On a day or days or weeks or months, when one has a view of multiple papers –all useful in their own way-, pens, empty mug, a growling stomach, one’s sent e-mails and inbox e-mail containing correspondence asking for information or guidance regarding a certain program, etc. –which is of the utmost appreciated-, with a feeling of stress and fear of what decision would be best, but also an excitement and hope, makes me smile. Being in the thick of things is somewhat necessary at times. One decision could lead to 5 more that need to be made. That’s how it works out at times.

Off to do dishes and make food.

I realized this past summer, while I was traveling, to “Just try.” When I was in a large group and didn’t know whether I’d find anyone to talk to, when I needed to walk or somewhat climb, up a high place and was mortified by my fear of heights, etc. I thought, “Just try.”. It’s funny how realizing one literally may never be in the same place, certainly not with the same people if they do, ever again in their entire life, it gives you some courage. Just to try. If it’s a decision that’s appropriate and safe for one, then just try. You can be scared, but don’t give up just because of that.