Food Wk6+7

The past 2 weeks I’ve been eating a lot of the same things. For instance, breakfast might include 2 boiled eggs, a small cucumber and radish salad, or rice noodles with veggies, etc. Therefore, I tried to stick with a few things in an attempt to make this post less monotonous. I was trying to focus on choosing or creating things for my school application or doing the modules for it. But, here is what I was able to remember to capture. 🙂


DSC01883-Edamame, dash of extra virgin olive oil and gluten free soy sauce.

 DSC01870DSC01402 Tea and chocolate as my evening treat.

DSC01809 Gluten free pasta with veggies, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

DSC01799 A small Wendy’s chili, with added Greek yogurt. 🙂 Yum!

DSC01873 Chips. Self-explanatory. 😉

DSC01802 Gluten free pasta with fresh parmesan cheese.



DSC01814 Breakfast!

DSC01819 Udi’s gluten free pizza, with some basil.

DSC01841 Rice noodles, butter lettuce and egg. I added a mix of soy sauce and spices.

DSC01863 Made homemade burgers! Yummy! Contains lean ground turkey, 2 eggs, blue cheese crumbles, pepper and cooked buckwheat. Then I grilled them, but next time I’ll bake ‘em instead. Grilling them took a long while. These were really yummy! I made a salad of sorts with them containing butter lettuce, small cucumbers and radish. The sauce is a bit of tahini, soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil and ginger all mixed together.




DSC01869 Yummers!