Whenever I am extra tired and multitasking, I should really never delete a single thing. Why? Chances are much higher that I might accidently delete something I did not in fact want to delete. Yup, just did that a moment ago. Then went, wait what? Crap…

But the gist of it was that the past 3 weeks has been mainly about school. What program, the application process, etc. These things sort of took over a large portion of my life.

First Week

-Investigate each program, their requirements and outcomes, and how I felt about each, once again. Then compare each.

-Choose program and reach out to find what info I needed to know.

-Contact the offices and also mentors for second opinions.

Second Week

-Do the online application, i.e. Personal Statement, work examples, CV, and questions.

 Third Week

-Complete the 9 online modules as part of the assessment.

-Submit the certificate.

-Contact mentors to remind of the deadline for my Letters of Recommendation.


Obviously many more things occurred during those 3 weeks, but those are the ones related specifically only to the application process. And during this and other responsibilities, I was creating drafts of posts. However, I didn’t get the chance to actually come back to each and edit or look over in any manner so that they be completed. Until now…. 🙂 I am currently trying to piece things together that have been in my mind or half translated into an attainable external format and half left envisioned in my mind.

It’s somewhat strange I suppose. I don’t think anyone really pays attention to this little space I have created or it’s content. And yet, it’s an aspect of my life which I care very much about. I suppose that’s the best way to go about things. From the heart. For the single purpose of it being a good choice that also makes one happy. Life is much too short to waste it on things which simply really don’t matter in retrospect.