Tiny purple flower



3 summers ago, if I include the one this year, I was in Romania. It was my last day there, and while I was excited to see my family again, I was also very sad to leave my extended family behind…

I had been itching the past 2 days, and believed that I had been bitten by mosquitoes. However, as they soon multiplied and spread, I realized it was an allergic reaction instead. One I’d had at 17 while visiting, and will again at 23. What I was allergic to, I had no clue. I had only had this type of reaction while in Romania. Tiny red marks which appeared similar to bug bites, and very itchy. I was afternoon and I walked into town, I needed to find a pharmacy. Walking was bothersome as even the bottoms of my feet were covered. It was a normal day, warm and somewhat cloudy. People were on their way from one place to another. I knew I had a “blah” look on my face, and I didn’t care.

A little girl was passing me in the other direction. She couldn’t have been more than 10 or 11. Her face was slightly dirty, as were her clothes. She held a hoe on her shoulder as she walked. She must have come from helping family with their crops. She had the biggest smile on her face as she stopped right in front of me, and gave me a tiny purple flower. I was sort of shocked…not in a bad way, just in a, wow, that’s random but so very sweet of her, and is she going to ask me for something in return? I took it from her and said thank you, and she walked away. As I watched her walking I thought, darn it, how much will my Claritin cost, maybe I could buy her a chocolate bar, or give her the money to get one herself. Would that be a weird thing to do? I don’t want to attract attention to myself either as I need to get back home to pack and leave tonight. Well, she seems like she’s got somewhere to be so she probably can’t wait and… all of this happening within 5-10 seconds in my mind. So I decided to go to on my way as well, and ask where the pharmacy was from a woman near me. As I had no clue….and simply be thankful for the random kindness of a stranger. It changed my whole demeanor. Yes, I was still very itchy and uncomfortable, although the Claritin did help a lot with that, but I realized I needed to have a change in attitude.

Yes, I was sad to be leaving and didn’t know when I’d be back. That’s something I’ve mentioned before. Not just leaving a place, but not knowing when you’ll be there again, when you’ll get to see your extended family again. But, I was lucky enough to come and visit, and stay longer than my other family members. This was a gift. And I needed to remember it and appreciate it as such. So, thank you random little girl. I pressed the flower she gave me, and still have it to this day in my room. It’s lost it’s color and doesn’t seem like much, but it still sits on my dresser to this day. 🙂