Matters of the Heart

Now that my part in everything has been completed, I wonder, what next?

What next to prepare for, to apply for?

Will there be a plane ticket involved in any of this?

I have come to think that we create our own way as we seek. And if I am to practice what I preach, or better said, what I believe in, then I best follow my philosophy when answering these questions.

So this week I have decided to focus as much as possible on the various options I can imagine to be doing what I want to do, what I feel I would enjoy and truly want. It’s a strange thing, being this honest with ones self at times, but highly informative and important. I write in this little blog of mine as though it were some type of well known respected space in this vast amount of online information. I suppose one must first believe in something if they wish for it to mean something, and be achieved. Whether it be a job opportunity or a small space where one enjoys sharing. If it matters to us, then it counts. Nothing less.