Site created!

Hello all, my blog has been moved to! I am still working out the kinks….for instance

1.Issue with domain (Bluehost fixed it quickly and very politely for me, I highly enjoy them!).

2. Windows Live Writer had a SSL error, but I just uninstalled, than re-installed, than added my new site as the main account, and now it does work.

3. Except for 3 photos, none of my photos are showing up in my posts….Even though they can be seen in my dashboard media gallery. I used a plug-in to fix this issue, but it stated it was unable to, so I sent an e-mail to for advice, and am currently attempting to follow their advice. Why attempting?

4. Well, I am getting SSL errors for and, with the .com not allowing me to log in even…. therefore until I can fix this issue 9I saw the Microsoft directions, however, this is based upon IE, not Chrome…so still figuring that out. But, by using Mozilla I was able to re-download my export of my entire blog again..and currently to my site… We shall see if it uploads properly….if not…I have another possible (much more time consuming) idea.

So….that’s what I spent yesterday trying to figure out when I had the chance.

As mentioned prior, although my site isn’t completely “done”, please visit it! 🙂 And I am working hard on fixing the errors. All of the written content is there, just the photos have error boxes. Haha.