Week 3+4

Homemade popcorn! This reminds me of when my grandmother makes it for me. Only, her version is obviously much better. 🙂 I used to burn it somewhat the first times I made it.… Continue reading


This is from the 26th when I shared this was friends. But I wanted to put it here as well. I wrote: This morning I sent an e-mail saying “Just wanted to say,… Continue reading

Being a helper for the day

Been a busy week still, so this is being posted a bit late. But I wanted to make sure I did. On Monday I was given the chance to be Esther Louise’s helper… Continue reading

Daily routine products? –mini version-

I have been keeping the blog in mind these past 2 weeks that I have been on and off the grid. One of the things I wanted to share is a reminder to… Continue reading

Sucevita Monastery

These are some photos I found from a good few years ago on a family visit to Romania. The monastery is Sucevita Monastery, built in the last 17th century, and located in the… Continue reading

Food I Made/Bought Wk2

Been a hectic 2 weeks, but here’s what is on my camera. Not all the food I made, didn’t have much time. But here’s what I was able to get. The first two… Continue reading

Watching Waves Crash

Well, it’s been much too long since I’ve been here dear internet! When someone in your family is recovering from surgery, even with the best intentions, certain things are put to the side… Continue reading

Gluten Free Travel

GF food I ate during my past summer travels…. Also, above are some snowmen. Random photo I wanted to share. Onto the post we go! I liked going to the grocery store, and… Continue reading


I realized something this morning as I looked over my last post. I don’t have time to edit so I just post it as soon as I write it. In the beginning I… Continue reading

Small Steps….

I think I’m realizing, if I want to continue being on the road to getting to where I want to be. You gotta take the small steps continually. I think it’s a difficult… Continue reading

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