Wake Up Kid!

I’m concerned that while I am still at an age where I am considered “young”, I’m also ever nearing to the age, or even currently am at the age, where while one is… Continue reading

Miss planes

  As I research schools and different programs, etc. While in a somewhat transitional preparation period middle ground. –Which I will add is both frightening, but mostly exciting. I suppose I’ve realized even… Continue reading

Random food I made Wk1

  Work can get busy, so more snack type foods work better for lunch. Bowl has Chex cereal –unsweetened, plain-, figs, almonds and peanuts. I like to add salty cheddar flavored rice crackers,… Continue reading

Pasta with Mussels and Edamame

Happy Sunday all! This will be my first –of hopefully many- food posts. I’ve also enjoyed cooking, so I thought I’d share. Just for fun. Mussels were buy one get one free, so… Continue reading

First morning back…

‘ I woke up in the morning when I thought I heard a baby laughing and playing, and my mom talking. I got out of bed and put on my glasses. My niece… Continue reading

Airports to Home

It’s funny. The title of this post is “Airports to Home”. But the location and meaning of “home” has changed several times, seamlessly. Home is a bed in a living room, a room… Continue reading

Back to the States

I got my bags together. What was nice was that things such a shampoo, lotion, tooth paste, soap, etc. had been mostly used up to completely gone. This meant I had more room… Continue reading

Botanical Gardens and Saint Parascheva

I had meant to put this up sooner, but I kept forgetting. This happened the day before I got food poisoning. Part of an e-mail I sent to a bud- “Before I got… Continue reading

The Mountains

A good amount of my family on my mom’s side got together and decided to rent a cabin near the mountains together. It was nice. We’d been there before 2 years prior. Actually,… Continue reading

Saw a Drug Deal

Here is a post from Greece I had written, but forgot to post. So…here it is now! Hooray! Near the families’ apartment in Athens, there’s an open area, and next to it a… Continue reading

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