As Nikki Phillippi (Youtuber) would say, “We’re hanging out and hanging out!”

Side note- Nikki Phillipi ( is one of my favorite Youbtubers. Just been hanging out with a good friend who is in town for a few weeks. And it’s nice to have someone… Continue reading

I’m Dr.Doolittle for the day, sort of, not really…

I was going to the corner store, when I heard a kitten meow. I realized he was under a parked car. I tried to get him but he was too skittish and kept… Continue reading

Stars and Fireworks

I like going outside momentarily and looking at the stars. It’s cold at night, so I recommend a jacket if you’re from the southern states. But the stars shine brightly, because there aren’t… Continue reading

Cleaning up!

I woke up today and felt as though I needed to accomplish something. Even if it was something small. It mattered to me. I thought it was sad that the park I had… Continue reading

Taking Alex to School

I woke up early and got ready. Alex, the neighbors daughter, had to go to school today. It’s like a little summer school recap session for 3 or so hrs a day a… Continue reading

Childhood memories…

I walked around the fields today. It was hot but I’m pretty used to heat, so to me, it was fine. There was a little bit of a breeze. I saw the cows… Continue reading

Train/Food Allergy?

I took the train home today. The guys were nice enough to take me to the station at noon, my cousin was still at work. I’m not feeling well, and it’ll take a… Continue reading

Food poisoning much?

I just finished with the last of my medication and saw my doctor. My cousin will have to go back to work -he took his vacation same time as my coming so we… Continue reading

Pneumonia much?

I keep getting worse, rather than better. Hadn’t slept much that entire week. I had trouble breathing even sitting, etc. And I can feel a spasm in my chest when I cough now.… Continue reading


On the flight from Bucharest to Iasi, the pressure inside my ears got much worse than the first flight. It was painful. One worse than the other, if I tilted my head in… Continue reading

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